Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nashville Moving Boxes in Tennessee


When looking for moving boxes be sure to compare products for contents as well as shipping expenses. Shipping prices can be very hefty on moving box kits. When choosing your packing boxes take an assessment of your household contents and reveiw the video below on packing moving boxes. Moving box kits come with a variety sized boxes including extra large, large, large, medium and small sized boxes. Some kits even include wardrobe kits to take items from your closet to the wardrobe box and to your new home closet easy and wrinkle free!

20 Moving Boxes and Supplies #1

Price: 43.50
20 Moving Boxes and Supplies #1
Moving Kits>1 Room Moving Kits

170 Moving Boxes and Supplies #10

Price: 392.60
170 Moving Boxes and Supplies #10
Moving Kits>10 Room Moving Kits

40 Moving Boxes and Supplies #2

Price: 85.50
40 Moving Boxes and Supplies #2
Moving Kits>2 Room Moving Kits

55 Moving boxes and Supplies #3

Price: 123.50
55 Moving boxes and Supplies #3
Moving Kits>3 Room Moving Kits

65 Moving Boxes and Supplies #4

Price: 159.50
65 Moving Boxes and Supplies #4
Moving Kits>4 Room Moving Kits

80 Moving Boxes and Supplies #5

Price: 203.00
80 Moving Boxes and Supplies #5
Moving Kits>5 Room Moving Kits

100 Moving Boxes and Supplies #6

Price: 241.00
100 Moving Boxes and Supplies #6
Moving Kits>6 Room Moving Kits

110 Moving boxes and Supplies #7

Price: 277.00
110 Moving boxes and Supplies #7
Moving Kits>7 Room Moving Kits

130 Moving boxes and Supplies #8

Price: 320.50
130 Moving boxes and Supplies #8
Moving Kits>8 Room Moving Kits

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Knoxville Moving Boxes

Order your Knoxville Dorm Room Moving Boxes today! Great selection and prices to help you save money and make your move easy! Free shipping and the Moving Box Kits or Box Bundles are delivered right to your Dorm Room. How easy is that?

Dorm Room Moving Kit

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cumberland Trail

Experience Tennessee hiking and backpacking at its best! The Cumberland Trail (CT), a Tennessee State Scenic Hiking Trail, became Tennessee's 53rd state park in 1998. The construction of the Tennessee hiking and backpacking trail is a public-private partnership, an example of the power of volunteerism. The Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park will contain a core corridor of 300-plus miles of trail beginning in the Cumberland Gap National Park (Ky) and stretching south to Chickamauga Chattanooga National Military Park and Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area just outside Chattanooga. In addition to providing multiple recreational opportunities, this protected greenway will act as a buffer to protect water quality and provide natural habitat for animals.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cumberland Plateau

A once-remote wilderness is now attracting increased recreational use and second-home development, placing new pressures on the world's longest hardwood-forested plateau. Stretching across eastern Tennessee from Alabama north into Kentucky, the Cumberland Plateau rises more than 1,000 feet above the Tennessee River Valley to a vast tableland of sandstone and shale dating as far back as 500 million years. Carved over time by flowing water, the plateau today is a labyrinth of rocky ridges and verdant ravines dropping steeply into gorges laced with waterfalls and caves, ferns, and rhododendrons.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Victorian Mansion

Tour, eat, and shop at the 1896 Victorian mansion called “Tennessee’s Biltmore” by PBS. It was built by Gorilla Pants manufacturer Clay Faulkner, and some say his friendly ghost remains. Open daily 9-5. Special entertainment for motorcoach groups. Call 931-668-4444 or visit online at


Designed by Jerry Lemons, The Reserve At Collins River is a championship golf course and a true work of art. The unique design follows the topography which has been formed by nature over millions of years. Each hole has been seamlessly groomed to suit the gentle terrain. Where once stood a landscape nursery farm with thousands of trees and shrubbery is now a most beautiful and challenging golf course. Call 931-668-7749 or visit online at

Stonehaus Winery

Stonehaus Winery is located high atop Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau.

Stonehaus Winery is open to visitors 7 days a week year-round. Taste fine wines from the dry Merlot to the fruity Muscadine. Watch a free DVD tour of the winery. All aspects of the wine making process are covered from the history of Stonehaus, the grape growing, the crushing of grapes, the wine making process, and the bottling process.

If you would prefer to take a personally guided tour, you may contact the winery and make an appointment.

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